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At the moment there are 11609 different beer brands on the "Beer Guide".
Of which 6186 are described from 80 different countries with 12284  beerlabels from 113 different countries.
The number of beers belongs to one of the 2458 different breweries.



IPA - Sour

Origin Ale Style: North American
ABV:  6.3 - 10.6%EBU:  0 - 20EBC:  4 - 18

01   Sour IPANew Belgium Brewing Company
02   For The Love Of Hops RedBrouwerij Frontaal
03   Tropical Tart & Juicy Sour IPAEpic Brewing Company
04   Extinction Is Forever! OrangutanBrauhaus Bevog
05   Extinction Is Forever! WhinchatBrauhaus Bevog
06   Now Thats What I Call Juicy Vol.1Sudden Death Brewing Company